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      At Absolute Clean Co, we are honest hardworking people committed to your comfort and happiness. We pride ourselves on making sure your area is absolutely clean. I have worked in many offices in my career, from the banking industry, to the world of advertising. Do you know what the number one complaint is in an office building? Cleanliness. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “This cleaning company doesn’t do anything! What do we pay them for?” or “They missed this! Do I really have to do this myself?” The sad truth is there are many cleaning services in the market today who don’t take care of their customers’ needs or comfort.


Comfort. Now there is a nice word. What do you think of when you think of comfort? Do you think of your nice clean bed (with new sheets because that’s always the best!) with cozy pillows all around you and maybe a warm cup of coffee? Or maybe snuggling in a freshly washed and scented blanket on the couch with your favorite book. Now think of your office, I can’t promise you a nice cozy place, but it should be comfortable. You may have a few of those nice amenities, warm cup of coffee, maybe some nice lumbar support on your office chair or a memory foam cushion. Something is off though, something just isn’t right. Could it be the rotten smell of someone’s science fair project of a lunch that has been stewing in the fridge for a few months? Maybe there is an interesting aroma wafting through the office from the restrooms down the hall that haven’t been cleaned in a week or so. What about the half inch layer of dust covering everything at your desk? The half-eaten hamburger in your trash from last Wednesday? Are these things comfortable? Certainly not!


That is where we come in. Your Absolute Clean Co Team is here to save the day and get your office back to the way it should be, comfortable. We hire only the best available people to be part of our team. Our cleaning techs are highly motivated and always bring their A-game to your facility, every time. Your comfort and happiness is our number one goal.


My family and I started this company because we saw a hole in the janitorial industry, a big gaping hole where other companies just weren’t thinking of the comfort of the people whose offices they are cleaning. Many other companies just scratch the surface with their cleaning, just the stuff people will see with a quick glance.


What about the smells? I am happy to say I consider myself a connoisseur of cleaning solution smells. I have gone from supply company to supply company, up and down every isle of many stores taking the caps off of products and taking a big ole whiff of the product. You may laugh, but it is that kind of dedication to your comfort I am talking about here. Who wants their office to smell bad? Not Me!


What about touch? Is it important to you for your furniture and equipment be free of dust and cobwebs? What if your client came in for a meeting with you one day and brushed up against a ledge that wasn't dusted properly getting dirt and grime all over his new expensive suit. Would that reflect well on you or your organization?


Comfort and cleanliness in your place of work is absolutely essential. This is in a nutshell who we are. Absolute cleaners who take your comfort, happiness, health and image into account when we come in to clean your office space, every time. So what are you waiting for? An important meeting like I mentioned above? Call us for your free estimate now! You won’t regret it!

Chance Thomasson

Owner - Absolute Clean Co.